Vermont Farmstead Gouda

Our traditional gouda wheels are attractively sealed in red wax, the cut into wedges and vacuum sealed. It's perfect for slicing as a snack with a variety of fruits, nuts or breads. It is a fantastic cheese for cooking as it melts evenly, and can easily find its way into any dish from appetizer to dessert trays. Have it with breakfast, include it with your lunch or treat yourself to a midnight snack. 1 lb. wedge $20.00.

Maple Smoked Farmstead Gouda

In the words of Henry 'The Cheeseman' Tewksbury, author of Vermont Cheeses, "Even smoked Gouda from Holland does not compare with the excellence of this local product." We are proud to offer you our Maple Smoked Gouda which won First Place honors in the Smoked Cheese category at several American Cheese Society conferences and judging competitions.

This cheese is slowly smoked using maple hardwood chips which gives the original farmstead gouda a whole new dimension. Our Maple Smoked Gouda is milder than hickory-smoked cheeses and it is our most popular cheese and a personal favorite. 1 lb. wedge $20.00.

Garlic Gouda

A Taylor Farm Winter Specialty. Available seasonally. 1 lb. wheel $20.00. Temporarily out of stock.

Maple Smoked Garlic Gouda

Not shown. A marriage of our two favorite goudas. 1 lb. wedge $20.00. Temporarily out of stock.

Chipotle Gouda

The same smooth texture of the Traditional Gouda but with a subtle kick from the chipotles! Great on nachos and paired with your favorite brew! 1 lb. wedge $20.00. Temporarily out of stock.

Green Mountain Nettle

Perhaps the only Artisinal Cheese made with Nettle in this country. A beautiful cheese with a landscape of dried nettle leaves. It is delicious and healthy for you too! 1 lb. wedge $20.00.

Temporarily out of stock.

Taylor Farm Sampler

The perfect gift or when you just can't decide! A beautiful keepsake basket filled with samples of our favorite foods. $95.00

Includes: Taylor Farm Traditional Gouda, Taylor Farm Maple Smoked Gouda, another Vermont artisinal cheese, local honey, Vermont maple syryp, Vermont smoke and cure pepperoni, Castleton crackers, Summer in Vermont jam, and a Lake Champlain Chocolate bar.

Custom baskets or boxes priced accordingly to your wishes are always available.

Substitutions may be made at our discretion and due to to availablity of products.

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

It doesn't get any better than "real" 100% pure Vermont maple syrup!

Available in:
• Nips $3.95
• 1/2 pint $14.95
• 1 pint $19.95
• Quart $29.95
• Sugar Bob's $15.95

Local Honey

• 8 oz. hex jar $8.50
• 13.5 oz. hex jar $12.50
• 16. oz. Mason jar $13.95

Summer In Vermont Preserves

A true taste of summer captured in these 10.56 oz. Glass Jars of homemade preserves. Choose from Raspberry Blueberry Rhubarb, Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry Raspberry Strawberry, and Strawberry.
(Not all flavors may be available due to seasonality of ingredients.)

Vermont Village Cannery Applesauce

Homemade applesauce made exclusively from apples grown locally here in Vermont. Net wt. 24 oz. jar. Flavors: Unsweetened, Maple, Raspberry, Cinnamon $6.95. Apple Butter $9.50.

JK Adams Cutting Boards and Trivets

Choose from Paddle, Oval, Mirror $35.00. Stone Trivets made with Taylor Farm rocks. Small sized 7" $50.00, Medium sized 9" $60.00, Large sized 10" $70.00.

Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauce

Suitable for dipping or spreading. Choose from Original, Vanilla Bean, Salted Bourbon, Coffee Cinnamon. 8 oz. jar $12.50. Pair them with Gromley Pretzels $2.95.

Fox Hollow & Fox Meadow Farm Gourmet Mustards

• Fox Hollow Balsamic Mustard 8 oz. jar $7.50.
• Fox Meadow 8 oz. jar. Choose from Amber Ale Mustard or Maple Horseradish Mustard $5.95.

Call for other offerings of pickles, sauces, mufaletta, scone mixes, etc.

Vermont Smoked and Cure Pepperoni

Choose from Pepperoni, Summer Sausage and Sticks.

Castleton Crackers & Pioneer Bean Hummus

Choose from Maple, Wheat, Pumpkin, Rye, Rosemary, Governors Alehouse or Cheddar crackers. $6.50. Pairs nicely with Pioneer Bean Hummus. 12 oz. jar $7.95.

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Lake Champlain Chocolates - Milk, Dark, Caramel, Coffee, Raspberry, Maple Caramel, Peppermint Crunch, Almonds, Triple Nut, Hazelnut $4.50

Organic Chocolate Bars: Almond, Sea Salt, Toffee Almond Crunch, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Cherries and Chocolate $5.95

Lake Champlain Cocoa $11.50
Palmer Lane Pure Maple Sugar Candy $5.95
Palmer Lane Walnut Caramels $6.25

Beauty Supplies

Filthy Farm Girl Soap $8.95
Taylor Farm Postcard $1.50

Frankincense and Myrrh Oil $9.95
Lavender Massage Oil $9.95
Bug Off Insect Repellent $9.00
Face and Hand Cream $19.95
Nerve and Muscle Cream $19.95
Skin Healing Salve $9.95

Taylor Farm T-Shirts

Organic cotton t-shirts by Anvil. Choose from Brown, Red, Navy, Orange, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, or Light Blue.

Temporarily out of stock.

The Vermont Cheese Book
signed by the author

A tour of more than three dozen Vermont cheesemakers in a behind-the-scenes exploration of the landscape, people, and cheeses.

Over the last decade, artisan and farmstead cheesemaking have transformed Vermont into one of the nation's (and the world's) most beloved sources of fine cheeses. Ogden describes all the cheeses from all the cheesemakers. Through visits to the farms, talks with the cheesemakers, and descriptions of the cheeses, she illustrates the expert technique and knowledge of craft that have transformed the small state into an influential contributor to the national food scene.

A Vermont resident for more than 25 years, Ellen Ecker Ogden is the co-founder of The Cook's Garden, an organic seed catalog. She has served on the executive board of the Vermont Fresh Network and is the author of the cookbook From the Cook's Garden. She lives in Manchester Village, VT.

192 pages, 8 color, 50 black & white, autographed. $19.95

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